Tattoo Lip Blush and Liner


Richelle's lip liner and lip blush allow you to wear your perfect lip shade everyday without the hassle of reapplying, and the fear of smudging. This procedure is perfect for women who love darker pinks, reds, or mauve lip colors for everyday wear*.


Price: $550

This is split into two payments. $400 is due at your initial appointment, and $150 is due at your 6 or 8 week touch-up procedure.

All touch-up appointments are scheduled the day of the initial procedure and are scheduled 6-8 weeks from the initial procedure date.


Price: $450

This is split into two payments. $350 is due at your initial appointment, and $100 is due at your 6 or 8 week touch-up procedure.

All touch-up appointments are scheduled the day of the initial procedure and are scheduled 6-8 weeks from the initial procedure date.

Lip procedures will require anti-viral medications prescribed by your primary care physician. Details are included in your pre-booking forms.

*Lip shades that are lighter than your natural lip color are not available due to the large amount of white ink required to achieve the lighter shade; the white ink affects the color fade, and rarely if ever fades to the desired shade. Richelle can explain more during a consultation if needed, but she will not consent to attempt a color lighter than your natural lips.




Please wait for 4-6 weeks after any fillers, facial peels, laser treatments, microdermabrasions, or other intense skin treatments to have permanent makeup procedures done. Tattooing on skin that has recently undergone these procedures can damage the skin in the procedure area and affect the healing process.

Please begin hydrating well as long as possible before your procedure, preferably drinking several cups of water daily for at least two weeks. Your body needs to be hydrated to keep your skin in good condition for your procedure. Skin that is too dry, damaged, flaking, irritated, or too blemished may be turned away the day of your procedure, so it is important that you keep your skin hydrated and clean for your appointment.

Please refrain from using any Retinol/anti-aging products or topical lip plumpers on the lips and immediately surrounding area for at least two weeks before your procedure. This includes products like Rodan and Fields, Mary Kay Timewise, Laneige lip treatment, etc. These products change the texture of the skin, making it more difficult to tattoo and less likely to retain the pigment.

Please refrain from strong sun exposure for at least two weeks before your procedure, as Richelle cannot tattoo on sunburnt skin. If you show up to your appointment with sunburnt or recently tanned skin, you will be turned away that day and be required to schedule a new procedure when your skin has healed.

Please refrain from drinking any alcoholic beverages for 48 hours before your procedure. This will prevent you from having excess bleeding during your procedure, and help with the beginning of the healing process.

Please refrain from taking medications like Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Advil, etc, for 48 hours before your procedure if possible. These medications increase blood flow, which can make you bleed more during your procedure. You will be able to take up to 400mg of Ibuprofen (two - 200mg tablets) before bed the evening after your procedure was performed to help with swelling.

Please do not drink coffee/caffeinated beverages the morning/day of your procedure. Caffeine increases your heart rate, which will increase blood flow during your procedure. This can increase swelling and pain during and after your procedure.

Wear comfortable clothing, and avoid applying makeup to the lip area if possible. You may bring your makeup to apply after your procedure, but you will not be able to apply any makeup to your lip area for several days after your lip liner/blush tattoo.

*Richelle requires ALL patients who receive lip tattooing to get an antiviral medication prescribed by your doctor to take before your procedure, even if you do not have a history of cold sores. If you should have a cold sore outbreak, the healing process will be delayed. The antiviral medication will prevent or lessen the chances of an outbreak of cold sores, but in no way can guarantee that you will not get cold sores. You are responsible for calling your doctor and arranging the prescription. You will be required to bring the medication with you to your appointment to verify with Richelle. If you do not get the prescription in advance and bring it with you, you will be turned away that day and required to schedule a new procedure. For questions or concerns about this, you can email us at or message us on our Facebook page.

Please refer to the Policies and Procedures page in reference to payments, rescheduling, cancellations, and no-show fees before scheduling your procedure.


 Lip Aftercare

You will get full aftercare instructions for your new lip liner and/or lip blush when you book online and at your appointment.


After your procedure, you may experience swelling. Some clients will swell minimally, and some will swell more. Everyone heals differently. This can cause the area(s) to appear uneven, red, itchy, and irritated when healing. The area(s) will also appear much darker and thicker than the final result.

what to do

Day 1: Apply nothing on your lips expect a damp blotting cloth.

Day 2-4: Your lips will be dry and slightly rough. Apply very little ointment then blot it off.

Day 5-7: Your lips will be peeling and tight. Resist the urge to peel. You can use very little ointment just to keep your lips comfortable.

Day 7-30: Your lips will be chapped and will need moisture. The color will go into hiding and resurface sometime within this period.

You can keep the lip area moist with a natural lip balm such as Burt's Bees coconut oil or organic coconut oil. (Organic coconut oil is found at the grocery store right next to the olive oil.) Use only a new lip balm; do not use one that has been previously used. To keep your lip balm clean, wipe it each time after you apply it.

Within 30-60 days, a touch up appointment will need to take place to crisp up the liner and fill in any light spots.


After your procedure, do not do any of the following:

·         Consume hot liquids

·         Consume spicy foods

·         Consume salty foods

·         Eat a large sandwich

·         Sweat

·         Peel the affected area

·         Open your mouth too wide

·         Any activity that would make you stretch your lips

Do not drink alcohol for at least 48 HOURS after your procedure. Your body is healing and needs to be at full strength - alcohol will impede the healing process.

Do not submerge your tattoo under water or get it very wet for at least TWO WEEKS after your procedure. This includes swimming pools, saunas, steam rooms, bathtubs, ocean/lake, etc. Submersion in water will leech the pigment from the procedure area, causing faster fading, patchy discoloration, or total rejection of the pigment.

Avoid strong sun/ UV exposure - no tanning beds or natural tanning for at least THIRTY DAYS after your procedure. This will damage the skin and cause irregular healing/premature fading.

Avoid sweating into the procedure area for at least TWO WEEKS, and avoid extreme sweating at all if possible - activities like extreme cardio/strength training, hot yoga, etc. are more likely to affect the healing process. The sweat will leech the pigment from your skin, causing faster fading, patchy discoloration, or total rejection of the pigment.

No retinol/anti-aging products within two inches of the procedure area(s) for at least THIRTY DAYS after the procedure. This includes Rodan & Fields products, Mary Kay Timewise, etc. These products increase the cell turnover rate, causing the procedure area to fade very quickly and even patchy in color.

If you do not follow the aftercare instructions, you will ruin the results of your procedure, and there will not be a “free touch up” if this happens.


It is standard procedure in our office to see our clients back 30-60 days after their original procedure for their first touch-up. This is necessary to fine-tune the treated area.

After the first touch up, it is recommended to schedule a yearly color maintenance session to maintain the color. The length of time between color boosters will depend on your body and lifestyle; most clients get a color booster every 1 to 2 years.

You are 100% responsible for maintaining your appointments. Confirmation calls, text, or emails are not guaranteed.