Lip Aftercare

You will get full aftercare instructions for your new lip liner and/or lip blush when you book online and at your appointment.


What to Expect

After your procedure, you may experience swelling. Some clients will swell minimally, and some will swell more. Everyone heals differently. This can cause the area(s) to appear uneven, red, itchy, and irritated when healing. The area(s) will also appear much darker and thicker than the final result.


Day 1: Apply nothing on your lips expect a damp blotting cloth.

Day 2-4: Your lips will be dry and slightly rough. Apply very little ointment then blot it off.

Day 5-7: Your lips will be peeling and tight. Resist the urge to peel. You can use very little ointment just to keep your lips comfortable.

Day 7-30: Your lips will be chapped and will need moisture. The color will go into hiding and resurface sometime within this period.

You can keep the lip area moist with a natural lip balm such as Burt's Bees coconut oil or organic coconut oil. (Organic coconut oil is found at the grocery store right next to the olive oil.) Use only a new lip balm; do not use one that has been previously used. To keep your lip balm clean, wipe it each time after you apply it.

Within 30-60 days, a touch up appointment will need to take place to crisp up the liner and fill in any light spots.

What not to do

After your procedure, do not do any of the following:

  • Consume hot liquids

  • Consume spicy foods

  • Consume salty foods

  • Eat a large sandwich

  • Sweat

  • Peel the affected area

  • Open your mouth too wide

  • Any activity that would make you stretch your lips

Absolutely no getting your new tattooed makeup directly wet from pools, oceans, hot tubs, steam rooms, or saunas. No sun or heat, sweating of any kind, yoga, swimming, or gym/exertion for 2 weeks after your procedure. If you do not wait the 2 weeks, you will ruin the results.

No tanning or retinol/anti-aging creams for 30 days before or 30 days after the procedure.