Brow Aftercare

You will get full aftercare instructions to care for your new brows when you book online and at your appointment.


What to Expect

After your eyebrow procedure, you will be swollen. Some clients will swell minimally, and some will swell more. Everyone heals differently. This can cause the area(s) to appear uneven, red, itchy, and irritated when healing. The area(s) will also appear much darker and thicker than the final result. You can expect eyebrows to fade anywhere from 10%-50%. The fading typically happens within 3-30 days after the first procedure.


The grapeseed oil will be provided for you at your appointment; however, you will need to purchase the Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser for yourself. This is available at Wal-Mart, Target, and other major retailers.

  • Starting the morning after your procedure, you need to cleanse your eyebrows morning and night for 7 days using Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. Pat dry with a paper towel and apply one drop of grapeseed oil (a very thin layer) to the brows in the morning and evening for the remaining 7 days to keep your brows moist.

  • Please let your brows exfoliate naturally. You may experience crusting, scabbing, or flaking. Do not pick or rub. Abstaining from these actions will prevent any unnecessary infections or additional pigment loss.

  • If the area is still dry and flaky after the 7 days, you can continue the grapeseed oil as needed until your brows are healed. Do not let your brows dry out or scab. It is okay to wash your brows after the first two weeks, but avoid scrubbing them.

  • Absolutely DO NOT getting your new tattooed makeup directly wet from pools, oceans, hot tubs, steam rooms, or saunas. No direct sun or heat (INCLUDING TANNING), sweating of any kind (including but not limited to yoga, swimming, or gym/exertion) for at least TWO weeks after your procedure. Immersion in water will leech the pigment from your eyebrows, and will negatively impact the healed results. There will be no refund or “free touch up” if you do not follow this important step!

  • No retinol products (including Rodan & Fields), eyebrow growth serums (including natural products like black castor oils, etc.) or anti-aging creams for 30 days before the procedure and for 30 days after. These products increase the cell turnover rate in your skin, and will prematurely fade the pigment. There will be no refund or “free touch up” if you do not follow this important step!

Hear Richelle talk about tanning and the effect it has on your new, perfect brows.

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What Next?

It is standard procedure in our office to see our clients back 6-8 weeks after their original procedure for their first touch-up. This is necessary to fine-tune the treated area. After the first touch up, it is recommended to schedule a yearly color booster to maintain the color. The length of time between color boosters will depend on your body and lifestyle,; most clients get a color booster every 18 months to 2 years. You are 100% responsible for maintaining your appointments. Confirmation calls, text, or emails are not guaranteed.